‘I feel very comfortable opening up to Claire regarding my muscle problems and any other personal issues which may also exacerbate my condition. She asks questions on how you have been progressing since previous sessions and how you would like to proceed, allowing you to feel in control of and take part in your recovery. Claire’s massage treatments have aided my wellbeing a lot. ‘
Kate W.

‘After too many years of being overweight and carrying lower back pain, my solution has been to take up horse riding and stable work well into my fifty something years! My appointments with Claire have been targeted on the inevitable aches and pains my interests bring and on helping to correct posture problems left over from old injuries. I am finding that the immediate improvement felt after massage is proving to last.’
Sandy Y.

‘I went to Claire with muscular tension in my neck/shoulders and lower back causing sleeplessness. After a series of visits Claire managed to release all the tension in my neck that then relieved the tensions in my shoulders and back. Her technique is firm but gentle and so relaxing; you can feel the directed pressure she applies that releases the chronic tension but I never felt any aches after my sessions. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough, an excellent and professional service.’
Dave W.

‘The combination of massage and aromatherapy oils vastly improved what would otherwise have been a very stressful time. Thanks Claire!’
Liz C.

‘I found my Indian head massage wonderfully relaxing. Claire took time to find out about how I was feeling and then proceeded to melt my stresses away.’
Karen R.

‘It was great to get regular massages from Claire in the build-up to the Great Scottish Run. It really helped my preparation for the run and meant fewer aches and pains along the way.’
Neil S.

‘I thought that an aromatherapy massage would be too lightweight to make any real difference. Aside from how wrong I was about the effectiveness of the massage I found the essentials oils Claire used to be incredibly calming and centre-ing. I’d heartily recommend it to others.’
Kayt T.

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Claire Hay
Massage therapist