Clinical massage

clinical massage by claire hay in edinburgh

Clinical massage uses a combination of techniques – myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretches – to relieve muscular tension.

Slow strokes are used to release chronic tension and realign layers of the soft tissue, mainly muscle and fascia, with the focus on decreasing pain and increasing range of motion. During the treatment, an oil blend is often used although some techniques are performed dry.

The session will focus on a specific area of concern – common problem areas such as neck & shoulder, lower back etc – however as with all my treatments I use a holistic approach in my work, looking at the whole person’s wellbeing. I do not believe that a massage needs to be painful or use forceful pressure to be effective.

I completed my clinical massage training with the renowned Jing Institute of Advanced Massage.

When focussing on specific areas there can be some stiffness or achiness for a day or two afterwards this is due to the breaking down of adhesions which had formed.

For these treatments you’re required to disrobe and lie on a massage table. However, your modesty will be preserved, as all body parts will be covered except for the area being worked on.

Available for one hour

Clinical massage may:

  • help ease chronic tension such as a stiff neck, lower back tension and sore shoulders
  • provide stress relief
  • stimulate blood circulation which improves supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues
  • help keep ligaments and tendons supple and pliable

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