Swedish massage

swedish massage in Edinburgh by claire hay

If you’re craving a massage, it’s probably the classic Swedish massage you’re thinking about. Practitioners apply special oils using various techniques that apply pressure to superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue. As well as smooth, gliding strokes, other Swedish massage techniques include kneading, friction, stretching and tapping.
If you suffer from pesky tension knots in your shoulders, a back, neck and shoulder massage may help ease any aches and pains. Alternatively, for those who want to relax to the maximum, a full-body massage is the perfect tonic. If you’re unsure about which treatment you’d prefer please get in touch, as I’m happy to discuss the options with you.
For Swedish massage treatments you’re required to disrobe and lie on a massage table. However, your modesty will be preserved, as all body parts will be covered except for the area being worked on.

Swedish massage may:

  • shorten recovery time from muscular strain
  • stimulate blood circulation which improves supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues
  • help keep ligaments and tendons supple and pliable
  • encourage relaxation
  • release ‘feel good’ endorphin

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