Body art!


I don’t have any tattoos but if I was going to get one (this is highly unlikely!) I think it’d have to be something with an anatomical theme. As someone who is fascinated in anatomy it would make sense to wear my heart on my sleeve (or shoulder or ankle…)!

I came to this decision after seeing this beautiful image by Diana Eastman (top image). I love the fine detail. But I quickly discovered that it’s not a tattoo after all. It’s a drawing from Grey’s Anatomy which Eastman (she’s a photographer) photoshopped an image of on to her back. Pretty nifty work eh?

Around the same time I came across Danny Quirk’s anatomical paintings. They have a more contemporary, darker, edge than Eastman’s Grey’s Anatomy. Check out Quirk’s Facebook page – Danny Quirk Artwork – for examples of his art, as well as clips of him doing his unique body painting.  Also go to


Image by Danny Quirk Artwork



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